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We have experience in a wide range of industries and have completed many projects in the following sectors:-

Recent projects include the following:-

Telecoms Industry
  • Power switchboard Control Systems.
Bulk Storage Industry
  • Petroleum Offloading Systems.
  • Pipeline Transfer Systems.
  • Bulk Storage Tank Transfer Systems.
Steel Industry
  • Regenerative Burner Control.
  • Walking Beam and Stock handling.
  • Stock Tracking & Representation.
Chemical Industry
  • Batch Reactor Control.
  • Fluid Bed Drying.
  • Cryogenic Reactor Control.
  • Distillation, Hydrogenation.
  • Hazardous Material Distribution.
  • Pilot Plants.
  • Effluent & Water Treatment.
  • Gas Research & Development.
  • Filter Press Systems.
  • Annunciator Systems.
  • Brewing Systems.
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