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This program combines the flexibility of a database for information sorting, retrieval and analysis, with the ease of data entry of a word processor. It will allow the user to run more efficient and effective Hazard and Operability Studies whilst at the same time removing the significant administrative overhead involved. Amongst the program’s main features are:

  • Preparation can be carried out prior to the study and a meeting agenda automatically printed for all participants.
  • Data entry is simplified by features such as automatic word wrap, paragraphing, cutting and pasting and text macro facilities.
  • Screen columns can be speedily scrolled both horizontally and vertically for ease of editing and viewing.
  • An on-line Failure Rate database can be interrogated to access the potential frequency of hazards.
  • The user can view at the touch of a key a database of typical deviation causes. This user constructed file can be updated off-line, allowing experience gained to be passed on to successive studies.
  • Potential hazards can be coded for category, frequency and severity. A risk factor is automatically calculated for analysis and action ranking purposes.
  • Action sheets are printed speedily and automatically at the end of each meeting, ready for immediate distribution.
  • Response details can be recorded in your data file, showing whether an action has been completed.
  • Neatly formatted study reports can be automatically and speedily printed. The user can specify many print options including Portrait or Landscape page formats.
  • The powerful and flexible analysis facility can be used to extract information for action follow-up and management reporting purposes.
  • The HAZOP Manual which is in Acrobat Reader © format can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the following download button.

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HAZOP Software
HAZOP £890.00 HAZOP V7.0 Software

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