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Electrical, Control & Instrumentation (EC & I) in the Onshore Chemicals, Explosives and Microbiological Sectors.

EC&I web portal front page

COMAH Competent Authority Inspection of Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Systems at COMAH Establishments (Operational Delivery Guide)

EC&I Delivery Guide

COMAH – Safety Report Assessment Manual (V2)

Safety Report Assessment Manual

Engineering Degree Guides

Engineering Degree Guides

Functional Safety

Proof Testing of Safety Instrumented Systems in the Onshore Chemical / Specialist Industry

Proof Testing

Operator Response within Safety Instrumented Systems in the Chemical, Oil & Gas, and Specialist Industries

Operator Response

Management of instrumented systems providing safety functions of low / undefined safety integrity

Low Integrity Instrumented Functions

CRR 428/200 – Principles for proof testing of safety instrumented systems in the chemical industry

Research Report CRR428 Proof Testing

Explosive Atmospheres

Protection against inadvertent ignition of explosive atmospheres by radio-frequency radiation at onshore hazardous installations

Radio Frequency Radiation

Lightning protection at onshore hazardous installations

Lightning Protection Systems


Legal reference

Legal reference

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