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Date: 11 August 2014 / Tags:  Data Centre

Data Centre

This case study outlines a typical solution provided by P & I Design Ltd for PLC control of critical site power supply systems for internet data centres, telecommunication nodes and similar installations. A typical installation may comprise multiple 11kV/400V transformers supplying LV switchboards with generator support.

Services provided include

  • Conceptual design working with clients consultant.
  • Detailed design of control system functionality, including functional specification, testing procedures and all other supporting documentation.
  • Delivery of fully factory tested PLC / SCADA control system including control panels.
  • Integration with third party control systems e.g. Building Management Systems on a variety of industry standard protocols.
  • To provide remote access for diagnostics and on-line support.

Typical Functional Requirements

  • Switching sequence automation of all LV breakers.
  • Automated control of standby generator power plants.
  • Load shedding and peak lopping.
  • Soft transfers including G59 protection.
  • Automated load bank testing.

P & I Design Ltd can provide 24 hours per day 7 days a week technical assistance and support. Most problems can be resolved with out a visit to site, as the engineer can interrogate the system remotely.

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