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Lifecycle Safety Instrument Systems

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The engineers of P & I Design Ltd have experienced an immense transformation in technology as applied in the process industries. This experience has been gained across a wide range of industry sectors including steel, refining and storage, pharmaceuticals, fine and specialty chemicals, food and plant utilities. P & I Design have published a series of engineering practice books and articles which provide an extensive source of information based on many years of experience and to support our training activities.

We are pleased to announce the First Edition of our well received technical book on Lifecycle Safety Instrument Systems.

The book is available for a Free of Charge Adobe .PDF download above.

Lifecycle Safety Instrument Systems First Edition

by David R Ransome

P & I Design Ltd have been associated with providing clients with support for their process instrumented safety systems for over 30 years. Initially, called high integrity systems and then designed in accordance with the guidelines of PES. More recently, the design and lifecycle of Safety Instrumented Systems is required to be in accordance with the International Standard IEC 61508 and IEC 61511.
We have been associated with the Storage Industry for over 25 years.
Our clients being many of the member companies of either the Tank Storage Association (TSA) or United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA).
Following the explosion at the Herefordshire Oil Storage Terminal on 11th December 2005. we have worked closely with industry, the trade associations and the regulator to provide assistance in ensuring process safety is paramount within the industry sector. This work includes being part of the Buncefield Standards Task Group (BSTG), Process Safety Leadership Group (PSLG) and Chemical and Downstream Oil Industry Forum, producing guidelines for risk assessment and Safety Instrumented System Design.

With our multi-disciplined team, we can provide customer support throughout the IEC 61511 lifecycle phases. Including Risk Assessments utilising HAZOP, LOPA and the use of process modelling software to simulate process changes and disruptions, through design, commissioning, validation and operational support.

This document will present a summary of a practical life cycle approach to Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) for the Storage Industry.


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