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Chemical Engineering in Practice

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The engineers of P & I Design Ltd have experienced an immense transformation in technology as applied in the process industries. This experience has been gained across a wide range of industry sectors including steel, refining and storage, pharmaceuticals, fine and specialty chemicals, food and plant utilities.

P & I Design have published a series of engineering practice books and articles which provide an extensive source of information based on many years of experience and to support our training activities.

We are pleased to announce the Third Edition of our well received technical book on Process Design, Simulation and Implementation. The book includes a CD of all the cases, developed, using CHEMCAD simulation software.

The book is available, in hard copy bound format for GBP95.00 plus delivery charges or a pdf copy for GBP25.00 plus taxes, pdf copy will be sent to you after purchase.

Chemical Engineering in Practice Third Edition

By John E Edwards

The extensive content is based on 50 years experience gained whilst working on design, construction, commissioning and operations in the process, instrumentation and control engineering fields.

Each section has been collated from individual technical papers and guidance notes that have been written in support of our engineering activities and simulation work. As such each topic is in the form of a condensed refresher and provides useful practical information and data.

Simulation cases are included for each section topic and in many cases are based on actual designs or plant operations. All simulations have been performed using CHEMCAD simulation software.

3rd Edition Additions
Section order has been changed to give a more logical presentation and section index added.
Fundamentals section has been extended to provide a more comprehensive study of separation processes using equilibrium flash and to demonstrate the power of flash simulations.
Heat Exchanger Design and Rating has more detailed information on design with more real cases.
Process Instrumentation and Control has been rewritten to incorporate TechTalk papers published by the author in The Journal of the Institute of Measurement and Control.
Dynamic Simulation section is introduced and applied to the study of common process operations.
Refinery Processes includes a more comprehensive review of refinery operations.
General information has been extended to include a summary of heuristics for process equipment

You can download the “Sampler Version” of the book to obtain an appreciation of the format and contents by clicking the Download button above.

The book can be purchased at the prices quoted below, which include delivery charges. Clients who have already purchased the First Edition should contact [email protected] for upgrade terms.

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